E. Sarah Carter Solo


E Sarah Carter’s hot, high energy solo show flips from foot-stomping Celtic tunes to crazy tongue twisters, from lyrical romantic Grappelli to rousing Cajun fiddle and is all lovingly served up with a huge dollop of fun.

Known for playing fast Irish fiddle tunes while standing on her head or for singing her version of  Yakko’s world
E Sarah Carter is a must see show that brings a delightful touch of humour to every event.

See video here.


“Now does [she] ROCK or what? If you’re not moving by the time [she] has finished you probably ought to get yourselves checked out”

Oxford Daily Info for
Lord of the Dance.


“Unbelievable. Truly Unbelievable. Sarah doesn’t play the violin, she makes it talk!”

Dr Bashir Shetewi


“Sarah is a great entertainer and her shows were well received by our passengers”

Sir Jonathan Neal.
Cruise Director